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A&S Blacktop Paving specializes in long, country driveways. We also understand the importance of property value when it comes to our residential market and having a high quality, smooth finished driveway can add to that. Whether it's fixing potholes or completely re-surfacing your driveway, you can rely on the experts at A&S Blacktop Paving to deliver the very best results.

We understand the value.

long paved country driveway

Putting in a blacktop/paved driveway is a major investment for a home, but when the job is completed the right way, having a paved driveway can add curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home. We understand that choosing the right paving contractor can be somewhat of a daunting task, but can assure you that we will give you the most affordable pricing for high quality work. 

Our skilled professionals use only the best equipment and tools- and with precision work, we make certain that the job gets done right, the first time. Here is a short list of services you can count on us for:

New Installations



blacktop paved driveway


Blacktop Driveways

Private Lanes & Roads

Parking Lots

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Long Country Driveway Paved